Attorney's Assistant Client Version allows you to complete all the information needed to file your case.  If your attorney has given you this website that means they feel it very important that a detailed intake be done.  Please complete every screen with as much information as possible to assist your attorney.  The more you complete, the better they will be able to represent you.                                                                      
To Download the client software follow the link below.
Download Client Software

Step 1:  Download the software from the above link by choosing Open/Run/Save when promted.  Your download manager will prepare the file for downloading.  Some computers need additional permission so you may need to choose a drop down and "Keep Anyway" or "Run Anyway".  Once installed you will see an icon on your desktop labeled Attorney's Assistant.

Step 2:  Double click on Attorneys' Assistant icon and choose your type of case.  Continue through each screen inputting detailed information.  Your data is saved on your computerís hard drive. You may exit the software and continue input at any time.  Your data will be saved.  After completing all the screens, you will need to purchase the software before you can send the information to your attorney.

Step 3:  The software price is $49.95.  You may purchase by calling 1-866-534-2539 or by clicking on Purchase within the software and entering credit/debit card information. 

Step 4:  After purchasing the software you need to send to your attorney.  (File>Send Data File to Attorney). 

              Option 1: Send to Diskette or Mail Directory.  This option will save your file to c:\LEMAIL Directory on your computer.  Email this file to your attorney.
              Option 2:  Sent Over the Internet FTP.  If your attorney has an FTP address (this is different than an e-mail address), use Option 2.
                                If you are unsure what your attorneys FTP address is please contact your attorney or Legal Easy at 1-866-534-2539. 

Thank you for taking the first step in aiding your attorney with your case.  We hope you are satisfied with the software.

This Site Last Modified On.   02/22/2016