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SIMPLE DIVORCE - An inexpensive solution to your problem



This site is developed to help couples with uncontested divorce cases.  There are many do-it-yourself divorce sites available - but this is not one of them.  With the use of the software available for download below, an Attorney will personally meet with you and prepare all your paperwork quickly - costing you less money than trying to do-it-yourself and less money than hiring an attorney out of the phone book.  The representation by the Attorney is limited to assisting the Client with a simple uncontested divorce.  It is Clients' responsibility to download, purchase and complete the software listed below before an appointment can be scheduled.  The software price is $75.00. 

After completion of the software, you will be given a Purchase Code that will allow you to view the Attorney section of the website and choose the Attorney in your area.  The Attorney's listed have agreed to handle your case for a lower fee based upon your area. The prices start at $350.

To keep fees low, the Client and Spouse must schedule an appointment with the Attorney together and sign all documents during that visit.  If that is not possible, discuss this with the Attorney before the appointment date.  This could affect the price charged.  The lawyer will complete ALL NECESSARY forms used in a simple uncontested divorce. 

Download Software


Call 1-866-534-2539 if you need assistance.

Please click on the link above to begin downloading Legal Easy software.  Once you have all the information completed, contact Legal Easy for a Purchase Code or purchase from within the software. If you need help contact us at 1-866-534-2539