SIMPLE DIVORCE - An inexpensive solution for your problem
How do I know which attorney to choose?
    All attorneys listed have agreed to handle your divorce for the fee stated.  Choose an attorney whose address is convenient for you.

How much are the filing fees and court costs?
    Each circuit has different fees.  You will find the costs listed on the area page where you choose an attorney.

How long will the process take?
    Once you have completed the software and forwarded your information to one of the attorneys, you will be contacted within 48 hours and an appointment will be scheduled to sign all documents necessary.  The exact time frame will depend on your availability and the attorneys'.  You will only have one appointment with the attorney so all fees must be paid at that time.  Each state has rules regarding residency and waiting periods.  You can view your state requirements on your State page.

What if the case becomes contested?
    If the parties cannot agree on the terms of settlement, the Attorney will need to be retained to complete the case on a contested basis.  This will typically require a retainer to be deposited and you will be billed hourly for all additional time spent on the case.

Does the attorney represent both of us?
    Absolutely not!  An attorney cannot ethically represent two parties.  The person who makes the initial contact with the law office is considered the "client".  Both parties can meet with the Attorney and the Attorney can answer general legal questions, however, they will only be representing the "client".  If you have any doubts about the fairness of the settlement proposal, you are encouraged to obtain your own counsel for advise.
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